diabetes prevention, disease preventionEating healthy is a learned habit, it is a lifestyle and like many, it takes practice to develop. Most of us, myself included, have a list of behaviors we would like to begin or end that resist our attempts to do so. Many people succeed in making desired changes in the short term, but most go back to their original behaviors in the long term. 

What are effective ways to change behavior on a permanent basis? My suggestion is to start by understanding the Stages of Change model developed by Prochaska and DiClemente to recognize where you are. This will help you maintain realistic expectations and minimize any frustration while you try to change any of your habits or adopt new behaviors with your health and wellness.

Small Steps

snail small steps healthy eating

Small Steps Create Permanent Changes

I’m a firm believer in small steps as they are permanent and will become deeply rooted in our brain. I was writing this blog and noticed a snail crawling on my patio and quickly took a video of the quest. Found fascinating to learn that the snail knew where it was heading, it had a goal in mind. See the snail’s final destinationIt took about 30 minutes for the snail to go 3 feet.

For most of us, it took a long time to get where we are in our lives. Most of the time, where we are now it’s a result of our past actions. So, why do we expect instant results from changes we just started to make? There is really no competition to small steps in personal or spiritual development, their unwavering effectiveness puts every other strategy to shame.

Our physical bodies are instrumental in accomplishing anything we are pursuing in life. Regardless of what you are trying to do, your body is going to be an asset or a liability. What would you choose?

Become Aware, Investigate

We live in the USA, the birth of capitalism. Big companies and government put their interests ahead of the people. It is a fact that we need to learn and accept. It is up to each of us to question what’s important and take action. My health is important to me and my family, we like to feel good.

Back in the mid-1990’s I remembered reading about a genetically engineered hormone called rBST, given to cows to increase milk production. Four large pharmaceutical companies were behind this. The final marketing decision to introduce this hormone was to make the dairy companies that did not have rBST to label their cartons “rBST free.”  The milk companies with rBST were not required to do anything.

Most consumers were unaware of what happened. Call me a fool but I prefer not to eat chemically produced or altered food if I am aware of it. There are other environmental implications to rBST and you may want to do further research.

Why Eat Real Food

There are so many reasons why the USA may be the country with the highest overweight, obese, and undernourished people in the world. Dr. Bill Sears, backed up by science-based research, talks about the chemicals in our foods and tells us to completely avoid man-made chemicals such as high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, artificial flavors, colors and chemical preservatives. Many of these chemicals make us eat more by keeping us hungry and may also alter the genetics in our bodies. They become sort of like a drug. I wonder who makes them.

In my About page, I asked why our food pyramid keeps changing when our bodies have not. Depending on your age, we have followed a low fat, a low carb, high protein diet, to find out later they have not permanently worked. Anytime there is a “low” something, other “things” are added to keep food tasting good. Both Dr. Bill Sears and Dr. Andrew Weil, agree that real food is one of the key factors to enjoy a healthy life.

Let’s become aware of our health and make a small change today in what you put in your mouth. Food is medicine if you choose the right foods. Make Health your Wealth. Do you want an accountability partner or want to attend an upcoming event? Share your thoughts below. Feel well, amigos.